We are your local one stop shop for all your home maintenance needs!

-Window Cleaning    -Gutter Cleaning  

  -Power Washing    -Screen Repair 

  • Window Cleaning (Residential & Commercial): We clean the window inside and out. We also always clean around the entire window; including its J-channels, sashes, middle surface strips, and siding within reach of the window. (Including all cobwebs and bug buildup within reach of window) We remove any oxidation buildup caused by screens to ensure the quality and life span of your glass. We also notify you if any glass is blown or in need of replacement. Think of us as your own window doctor! We are always happy to help! We service residential and commercial businesses! 
  • Power Washing (Decks/Siding/Patios/Railing/Retaining Walls): We clean at different pressure levels accordingly to ensure quality against damage during cleanup. We do not use any harmful cleaners or soaps in our pressure washers ensuring no harmful films are left behind on any job site. We wash along surfaces, not against them.  Our professionals are not afraid to get “up close and personal” with the dirtiest areas that most of our competition will simply fan by. We always go the extra mile to ensure top quality service at every job!  – Please note: All delicate window screens are always hand washed not powerwashed to prevent possible damage. 
  • Gutter Cleaning/De-Clogging: We fix down spout clogs and collect and dispose of all heavy debris buildup. We inspect elbows of gutters if necessary to ensure proper flow. We can also powerwash or blow out gutters upon request. – Please note: We do not remove gutter guards as it can void certain home warranties.
  •  Screen Repair: We will replace your sun-damaged, pierced, or frayed window screens and beading. – Please note: At this time we do not replace specialty security screens or frames.
  • Chandelier Cleaning or Bulb Replacement (Upon Request): We clean cloudiness from the glass fixture and remove dust and webs. We can replace your old bulbs as long as you – Please note: Have replacement bulbs handy as we do not carry lightbulbs. 
  • Prices vary for each service. Call 908-310-9460 for a free estimate just for you! Bundle Pricing Available! 


Our slogan is “The Difference is Night & Day!” and that is exactly what you’ll say when we are finished with our service, satisfaction guaranteed! “Like” us on Facebook, “Follow” us on Instagram, and call 908-310-9460 for your FREE estimate!

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